The Sabbath Message

The Sabbath Message:

Yahweh is God I am not.

The Sabbath is the best reminder that we are breakable and that we are in need of being restored weekly.

We live in a culture that demands from us being connected, productive and efficient. Efficiency is a value regarded highly. After all, those who are efficient climb the corporate ladder faster, get the best offices, obtain the greater salaries and receive coveted recognition. The reality is we all wish to see our dreams fulfilled to their fullest. But at what price?

God said “Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God.” (Exodus 20:9-10). You see, from God’s perspective work, productivity, and efficiency are good. They just are not the supreme good. He does command us to work six days. He desires for us to express our gifts, talents, and passions and see them come to fruition. However, He does not desire for our gifts, talents, and passions to be expressed at the expense of our relationship with Him? Why? Because He knows that efficiency, work and productivity cannot save us from our need from meaning, purpose and restoration.

You could work and achieve all of your professional goals and yet arrive at the end of your life find yourself empty and purpose-less. We were created for something more. The supreme good is not the best office, the higher salary and the coveted promotion. No, the supreme good is God himself. He created us, He designed us and He wishes to restore us to wholeness and meaning. He does not desire us to break in the process of achieving our dreams. He does not desire us to sacrifice the most important relationships in our lives in order to achieve our big dreams. He says: “Unless you acknowledge that I created you, you will break in the accomplishment of your dreams. You are breakable; you are created.” But He also says: “I can restore you, give you true purpose and help you find healthy satisfaction in all you do. There is just one thing you must do: REST, rest in Me.”

Yes, the Sabbath is the best reminder that we are breakable. But also is the best reminder that He is the Restorer. When we pause and rest weekly on the seventh-day Sabbath, we are not just honoring a day, we are entering in intimacy with God, the One who created us. Why is rest a restoring time? Because this rest is also an act of trust: resting is trusting. When we rest we are saying to God: “You are the Creator, I don’t have to be on all the time; I can rest and trust that you are taking care of everything: my job, my family, my career. You are the Restorer of my heart.” The best way to start a new week is after a period of rest, trust, and restoration with God. Your outlook is positive because your confidence arises from knowing that the One who created everything will walk with you every day of this new week, you realize that walking with Yahweh is the supreme good.

Contributed by Pr Andres Flores of Epic Church in Chicago, IL, USA

Photo Credit: Zach Dischner, Flickr,

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