child reading the bible to build a stronger relationship with God

Building a Better Relationship with God

Are you struggling to know how to keep moving forward in your relationship with God?  Do you need a safe place to share that struggle and to get encouragement on how to get back on track?

Perhaps you’re a longtime Christian, with a strong relationship with God who needs a bit of encouragement or maybe you’re here because you’re curious.

You’re in the right place.

For every good time I’ve had spiritually, I’ve had three bad times, but I keep coming back to a deep desire to learn and grow in my relationship with God.

We’re in this journey together.

If you’re wondering where to get started, you can sign-up for the 7-Day Jumpstart Challenge.

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Understand why struggle is important in the article, “Why Struggle is Important in the Christian Journey.”

Or be inspired by the story of an unlikely Bible character named Hagar in the post, “The Story of the Other Woman.”  It’s one of my favourite examples of how God truly sees us even when we feel unseen.

And you can also learn what the Bible says about success in the post 28 Bible Verses about Success.