SILENCE: It Was in the Silence


I miss the silence…

I once had a married friend lament that she didn’t have as much time to have worship since she had gotten married.  As a single woman, her time was her own.  Now that she was married, it belonged to her and someone else.

I didn’t take her comment as a complaint but rather as an observation.

Even still, in the back of my mind, I’m ashamed to admit, I thought, you could find time if you tried harder.

I didn’t understand at the time all the time and space a marriage (and kids) can take up.

Fast forward several years and I get it.  I too find myself lamenting the absence of silence.

It was in the silence that I met God.

It was in the silence that He healed my heart.

It was in the silence, at the dawn of day, when our hearts met.

It was in the silence that I was able to soak in the mystery of the almighty.

It was in the silence where I heard Him speak into my soul.

It was in the silence that He taught me the courage necessary to obey.

It was in the silence that He guided me.

It was in the silence that we built a relationship built on trust and love and unadulterated worship.

It was in the silence.

But if I’m honest with myself, it was for the noise that I prayed.

The noise of a husband, a household and a child.

So God, please help me find the silence in the midst of the noise so that I can always worship you.

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