Learning to Love: Loving the Way Jesus Loved

Is it possible to learn to love as Jesus loved or is it in some other worldly type of way impossible?  I believe the key to learning how to love as He loved comes down to perspective.

The Go Pro Camera lets us go surfing, skiing, sky diving, bungee jumping, dirt biking, hang gliding and a number of other adventure sports all while sitting in the comfort of our own homes.  Ok, so maybe they haven’t let us do the sports, but they have let us see the world from someone else’s perspective – to experience the world from another vantage point.  To see life not through our own eyes but through the eyes of another.

As I’ve been on this quest to learn how to love in the Christian context of loving, the type of love the Amish exhibited when their school was blown up or the type of love the mother of a murdered son learned to show to her son’s aggressor, I felt impressed that this type of love is born from the ability to see the world through Jesus’ eyes.  While his eyes are not frequently described, it’s possible to imagine his vision – the way he saw things.  His interactions, his reactions, the way He responded to people reveal that He saw things differently than we do.  And it’s made me wonder, how can I have Jesus’ eyes?

What were they like anyway?  While I could ask: Were they black, brown, blue or hazel?  Did he have X-Ray vision?  Could He shoot lasers with his eyes or turn a room ice cold with a simple glance?  I’d rather know, how did they see people? When he saw the sick, did he see disease or did he see life unrealized?  When he saw the poor did he see desperation or receptive ears?  When he saw the rich did he see opportunity or emptiness?  When he saw the lame, did he see those with debilitating handicaps or did he see potential to mobilize his message?  When he saw women, known to exchange a lil of this for a lil of that (if you know what I mean), did he see a woman with a storied past or a promising future?  When he saw a crowd, did he see a mass of confusion pushing and clamoring for his attention or the potential for a mass movement?  When he saw children, did he see a nuisance or did he see innocence.  When he saw the people in authority, did he see a fast track to power, fame and position or did he see the blind leading the blind?  What were Jesus’ eyes like?  What did they see?

I’d venture to say that Jesus saw something where there was nothing.

He saw love where there was hurting.

In the last few days, wanting to see with Jesus’ eyes has caused me to enter situations I would normally avoid.  It has caused me to interact with some to whom my heart was previously closed.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a process, but I believe the first step is wanting to see with Jesus’ eyes.

Do you want to see with Jesus’ eyes?

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(Photo Credit: Christiaan Triebert, Flickr. http://bit.ly/1nQAda5, License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)


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