God Help Me Please!

Have you ever had one of those days when you say, “God help me please”?  You’re absolutely overwhelmed by life.  Even when you’ve shared with everyone in your support system, you still feel like you haven’t gotten it off your chest.  You feel listened to but not heard.  Glanced at but not seen. Recognised but not known.  Thought of but not remembered.

What’s happening in your life? What has you overwhelmed?  What’s caused you to have one of those days when you say, “God help me please”?  What are you dealing with that even when you’ve shared it with everyone in your support system, you still feel like you haven’t gotten it off your chest?

He Sees

A year or so ago, I felt like I wasn’t being heard – the words I said weren’t being listened to.  So this idea of a God who hears and knows me was very powerful, and I got it from a speaker I admire named Dilys Brooks when she was speaking at a Christian conference called the One Project. One of her Old Testament professors taught her when reading the Old Testament, you observe that God sees, He hears, He knows and He remembers.

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I Started Driving

I got the most hands on lesson of this when I started driving here in Australia.

Let me start off by saying, I’m from Chicago.  That means I learned to drive on the right-hand side of the road.  Since moving to Australia, where they drive on the left-hand side, I’ve been carted around by different family members because I haven’t worked up the courage to drive.  It’s a little bit daunting when the fast lane becomes the slow lane and turns that are usually tight are now wide and shoot across the intersection.

At first I didn’t drive because we didn’t have a car and I didn’t want to crash someone else’s.  Then, once we had a car, I didn’t want to crash ours.  So, I almost always defaulted to Pete (my husband) driving.  Even though I’ve had my driver’s license for 14 years, since living here in Australia, my driving has been far and few between.

I’ve managed two whole years without driving until…my husband needed to have surgery on his ankle.

My chauffeur is incapacitated. So because of the ankle – the left ankle – I’ve started driving.*

God Help Me Please

This week, as I prepared to take my first major trip alone, I began to repeat, “God Help Me Please!”  “God Help Me Please!”  I nervously pulled out, carefully maneuvering the car to avoid the brick walls that frame the driveway.  I eased onto the road.  The journey began.

As I drove, I whispered messages of guidance and warning to myself.  “Stay left, stay left, stay left…Don’t get too close to the shoulder of the road…Drive the speed limit…Watch the school zones…Yield to the cars to your right at roundabouts.”

This commentary was peppered with messages of, “God Help Me Please.”

That drive, the first of many by myself, was the most hands-on experience I’ve had recently to teach me about dependence on God.

Getting Lost

The moment I remember the most on my drive, was when I got lost.  On that particular drive, I was headed to work.  I rehearsed the route with Pete before I left.  I hopped on the highway and started my journey.  In my mind, I know where I was supposed to go.  Stay on the highway until it ends.  I had seen Pete do it 100 times.  I had rehearsed the route with Pete the night before but when it came time for me to do it, I headed off the first exit I saw – following the cars in front of me. It took me a full 20 minutes before I realised I had gone the wrong way and was headed in the wrong direction. I drove 25 km (15 m) before I realised I was lost.

Mild panic set in. I was embedded in traffic, three lanes wide with people determined to get to work.  I tried calling Pete on speaker phone.  As the phone rang, I silently prayed, God, Help Me Please in my mind.  I knew I needed to fix this before I get to the city, where I knew I’d get sucked into the labyrinth of glass and steel.  Help!!!

Pete got on the line, groggy and half sleep.  At one point, he got off the phone for a bathroom break (more panic set in!)  During our calls, he guided me to a street that snaked towards the highway.  It quickly got me back on track.

Are You Listening?

For the last few months, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed.  I’ve been living busy – with a nominal Christian life.  I’ve wanted more but I haven’t known how to get it.  This driving experience was my first hands-on example of dependence on God in while. It was the first time in awhile that I’ve had to really call out, “God Help Me Please” and really mean it.  As I was holding the wheel, though I had driven many cars, many times before, this time it was daunting. This time I had to constantly be attuned to what was around me.  I needed to be present and aware and in touch.

If You’re Depressed

If You’re Disappointed

If You’re Sick

If You’re Ready to Give Up

Learn How to Pray

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I know God is speaking all the time.  Constantly trying to get our attention.  Are we listening?

*All of this was true at the time I wrote it. I’m now driving here in Australia like a champ. 

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