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Those who know God and understand His love often say they want to feel closer to Him, but then so many things seem to pop up that get in the way. If time’s not an issue, then knowing what to do during those quiet moments seems to be the next struggle.  Some randomly turn to a Bible passage and take whatever they find as God’s leading.  Others pull out a “devotional book” with day-by-day readings.

How can we spend meaningful moments with God?  How can we connect with Him, learn more about Him and pray to Him?

I won’t claim to be an expert on this topic.  What I will claim to be is a Christian pushing through life’s journey. I love God.  I enjoy spending time with Him.  I feel a deep longing and need for Him.  I feel a strong connection to Him, and I strongly desire that people see God as He really is.  I’d like to share some things with you that have helped me enjoy the time I spend with God.

1.    Listen to music that speaks your heart’s deepest longings.

Music is a powerful way to get to our innermost feelings.

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There are so many Christian songs that are able to reflect where we are spiritually – whether high, low or searching. This morning, as I was spending time with God, the song, “I Surrender” by Hillsong really spoke to my heart.  I sat at my computer, plugged in my headphones, read over the lyrics and closed my eyes while the music piped out.  I pictured myself as the one singing the song.  I imagined the lyrics as pictures in my mind.  I connected with the song and as it finished, I found myself in a place of surrender.  I found I was ready to spend time with God.

2.    Read something that’s meaningful to your spiritual life

For some, this may mean that you’ll read a “devotional book” that outlines day-by-day what you should read.  This morning, I read the July 3, 2013 entry of the online devotional on Our Daily Bread.  It was about servant leadership and the Bible verse it referenced was 2 Corinthians 4:5, “For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your bondservants for Jesus’ sake.”  This verse really spoke to me, and I’ll ponder it throughout the day.  I’ll ask God to speak truth into my life through this verse.  This then led me to open my Bible and read this verse and some others.  As you read the Bible, ask God to help you understand the meaning for the time it was written and for your life.

3.    Talk to God like you’re talking to a friend

It often amazes me that the God of the universe allows us to talk to Him and share our worries, joys and fears and yet His love never changes.

[Tweet “It amazes me that the God of the universe allows us to talk to Him and share our worries, joys and fears and yet His love never changes.”]

Some people view prayer as a high and lofty act during which they must use high and lofty language to make sure the words surpasses the understanding of earthly men and instead are propelled into the heavenly realm.   Don’t get me wrong, there is a level of respect we must have when praying, but even within that respect, God allows us to approach Him as a friend.  Pour your heart out to God.  Share your heart and confess your sins.

This is a starting point.  The options are endless.   Find things that really speak to your heart.  The bread and butter of devotional time is Bible study and prayer, but sometimes we need to engage in activities that prepare our hearts for God.  How do you spend time with God?  What has helped you connect with Him?

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